Antkadia, Chronicles 1

20th of Late Estivation, 1254 A.S.

Kilthos' Log

Pelor has chosen to continue to aid us despite the fact that our fate is intertwined with the goddess of death known as the Raven Queen. The elves we ran into yesterday were far beyond reason, madness was all that stirred within them. Still although I know we did Pelor a favor by ending their madness I couldn’t help but feel an ounce of regret as I cursed their souls to the after world.

It’s be years since I broke my pact with the unbound Balor whose name I still try to force from my thoughts but I wonder where the souls of my vanquished foes go when the part from the mortal realm. Since then I have taken up Pelor’s cause of spreading his holy light into the world. I can only hope my redemption casts the souls of those I cursed in the past to be given judgment by the fair and just sun god rather than the infernal clutches of the demons that call the abyss home. I must stop pondering on the past and be thankful that I still have a future. I know I am on borrowed time and am glad I can spend it in the name of Pelor.

With the elves out of the way it was only a matter of time before Brutus was able to obtain all of the crimson petals that we needed to collect for the alchemist, Melon Berrybush. A quick trip back to town and we were able to sell off most of the petals for a cool 400 gold. We still have a half pound or so that we might be able to sell to the saints of the coin. Perhaps I’ll soon have enough coin to purchase and wield a proper implement of Pelor, one that exemplifies my abilities granted to me by linage from being a scion. It doesn’t seem so much different from my days as a street thief striving to make every spare coin I could. I must remind myself that now my actions are for the greater good, and although I might need to lie, cheat, swindle and maybe even steal from the doleful and dim-witted now they will thank me once I’ve grown in power enough to save their souls from the looming evil that lies over the horizon.

In any case now we have a lead on the mystery box we found in the ancient temple of the nameless god about a week ago. The bartender of the silver spoon is the one that the letter was addressed to. One would reason that he might then have the answers about the mysterious box. Still I must tread lightly. I don’t know if he is worthy of Pelor’s good faith, and if he turns out to be of a wicked or evil heart I must pry the information from him and then smite him in the flames of Pelor’s fury. For his sake I hope he is a good man…



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