Antkadia, Chronicles 1

The Adventure So Far...


The adventure begins with the party turning north to head towards Gossamer Falls, a large town in central Seldwick that marks the eastern edge of the great Amosian Empire. The last few weeks were spent gathering a large and diverse collection of herbs under the direction of Alman Bannor, an herbalist of the nearby village of Oakvale. Arnon instructed the party to deliver the herbs to his partner Melon Berrybush in Gossamer Falls.

After being forced to seek shelter from a violent Feystorm and losing their map, the party has a series of encounters with kobolds and semi-intelligent insect creatures known as Naalanyee. The kobolds and Naalanyee appear to fighting each other as well, as several Naalanyee corpses are found at battle sites along side kobold corpses. The Naalanyee corpses found are a bit of a mystery, as all that seems to remain of the creatures are their hollow chitinous shells. A battle with a Naalanyee brood mother goes horribly, and the party falls before the hive of insects. The party awoke to find that they were alive and intact, much to their surprise, in the Naalanyee nursery. Continuing their travels, they realize things are amiss as a thick fog envelops them and the terrain becomes bleak and desolate. They soon discovery that they are in Sheon, the realm of lost souls where those who die before their fated time dwell. A servant of the Raven Queen appears, offering to return the party to the mortal realm in exchange for assisting his master in an enigmatic task. The only instructions they are given is to watch for the omens of the Raven Queen, which will guide them in their task. Without many other choices, the party accepts and after completing the necessary tasks for a ritual are returned back to the midst of the battle they had fallen in.

Continuing their journey back to Gossamer Falls, the party follows a set of wagon tracks that strangely veer off the traveling path into the light woods to the east. They find the broken wagon in a small clearing and dispatch the kobolds that were searching it. In a hidden compartment, the rogue discovers an ornate wooden box with an odd assortment of items inside:

A small vial of blue ink. A pair of ret tinted spectacles. A small clear crystal pendent. A plain iron key. An iron key with a picture of a small spoon engraved on it. An ornate brass key. A sealed envelope addresses to “Mills” O’Dour A blank piece of parchment (found when the letter was opened)

Near the grove, they find a fast flowing river traversing down the side of the hill and a bevy of gems scattered down the length of the river banks. At the base of the hill, they find a sinkhole that opens to an old temple. The focal point of the temple is a large statue of Nåsuul, the ancient God of Fate. On the outstretched arm of the status lies a recently deceased human, probably of Taharian nationality. The party discovers a small tattoo on the man’s shoulder, a black scimitar with a blood red tip, identifying him as a member of the Brotherhood of the Ebon Blade. The brotherhood is a rather notorious assassins guild with chapters spread across both the Amosian and Taharian empires. After defeating the guarding spirit of the temple, the party turns its attention to the four cauldrons surrounding the statue, which appear to be overflowing with a green noxious toxin. The party sanctifies the cauldrons with the aid of a magic ritual, and finds the corruption was caused by several vials of liquid which fell from the assassin’s backpack that broke near one of the cauldrons.

Continuing on their travels, the party finally reaches the gates of Gossamer Falls, where they encounter a large encampment of merchants known as the Saints of the Coin. They meet the leader of the organization, Samual Ellington, who introduces the party to Haaseme, a Gratin weapons merchant. His selection of M-Tech weapons is enticing, but he refuses to sell the party any without a writ of arms from the Amosian military.

The party camps outside with the merchants till the next morning when the town gates open. They find the herbalist, Melon Berrybush, and turn in the rare herbs that survived their journey. Melon tells she would pay the party 350 gold coins if they would travel to the hills to the north and gather crimson lotus seeds, which a buyer recently wished to purchase. Not wishing to pass up such a large payout, the party heads north to gather the relatively common flower. It turns out to be more difficult then expected, as almost all of the blooming flowers appear to have been already picked. The culprit appears to be a pack of fairies, which the party witnesses picking some of the flowers and flying off. The party tracks some of the fairies to a small clearing, where a large magical container is filled with crimson lotus seeds. A group of elves, tinged with madness, guard the seeds but offer little resistance to the party. While gathering the seeds, the party finds a small stone token with the symbol of Nåsuul engraved upon it.

The party heads back to town and sells the crimson lotus seeds to Melon, getting an extra 50 gold for the additional three quarters of a pound of seeds gathered. The discrepancy in price is due to the fact that the buyer of the herbs was willing to pay much higher then market price for the seeds, which usually sell for very little gold. The party then heads to the Archeologists Guild in an attempt to sell the valuable relics and information gained from the ancient temple of Nåsuul. A tearful young woman, Victoria Young, informs the party that the head curator has gone missing. The curator, Nathan Marshal, is an expert in the time period the relics are from, but he disappeared without a trace several days before. Victoria tells the party where Nathan’s residence is, and asks them to see what they can find out.

Changing gears, they party spreads about the town to look for information about their mystery box, and they learn that one of the keys in their possession belong to an upscale inn known as the Silver Spoon in the towns northern district. Upon entering the inn, they quickly notice the innkeeper who’s unkempt appearance and disposition stand out from the elegant décor and atmosphere of the inn. A barmaid answers the party’s questions, telling them the innkeeper, “Mills” O’Dour, only works their because of his “connections”…



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