Current Story Arc: A Task of Fate

Yet though a man gets many wounds in breast,
He dieth not, unless the appointed time,
The limit of his life’s span, coincide;
Nor does the man who by the hearth at home
Sits still, escape the doom that Fate decrees.


The party has been forced into the service of the enigmatic Raven Queen, but what she wants from them remains unknown. As events unfold, many center around Nåsuul, the ancient and long ago vanquished god of fate. Destiny awaits, but how will it all end?

Current Quests:
  • Find the purpose of the items found in the ornate wooden box.
  • Help Nathan Marshal discover the whereabouts and intentions of the Guardian of Fate.

Completed Quests:
  • Turn in the rare catalog of herbs to Melon Berrybush.
  • Gather at least a quarter of a pound of crimson lotus seeds and return them to Melon Berrybush.
  • Discover the whereabouts of Nathan Marshal.
  • Aquire a writ of arms from the Amosian military, which will allow the party to buy M-Tech weapons from Hassame.

Antkadia, Chronicles 1

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